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The Nyírtrans Transport and Service Ltd was established in 1991 mainly to transport different things. The dynamic developing of the company resulted that later on not only transporting was our main activity but pulling down different things, building things underground, and supply communities with public utilities. During the years we tried to adapt to market fast and besides digging with bulldozer we worked on pipe-laying and made road-bed.
In 1997 we built a new workshop to service our vehicles and in 1998 a new office was built to serve our different activities.
Since 1999 our company has been dealing with sand-mining. In 2000 we built a new depot for our vehicles in Debrecen.
Also in 2000 we introduced MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001 quality management system, and since then it determines our work.
Since 2001 we have more vehicles and we work with more subcontractors. During building M5, M3 and M35 highways more than 90 of our vehicles worked on the constructions.
In the autumn 2007 with providing suitable vehicles and educated and trained drivers we started international transport mainly in the European Union. We started with 4 vehicles covered with tarpaulin canvas. Since spring 2008 we worked with other 4 silo vehicles to transport. Nowadays we have 11 silo vehicles and 7 trucks in the international fleet. Our aim is to expand our international transport with the help of our experience.




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